No Coding Required!

Simply download our WordPress plugin and generate an APP for both iOS and Android in the next few minutes.  It’s that simple.

Free ~ Lightweight ~ For Android/iOS ~ User Friendly

What more could you want in an App?

No Coding Required!

Simply download our WordPress plugin and generate an APP for both iOS and Android in the next few minutes.  It’s that simple.

Free of Charge

Yes, our plugin generates apps for your WordPress websites free of charge. Download the plugin, generate your apps, and stay in front of your customers through their mobile devices without breaking the bank.

No Coding Required

You don't need to know how to code, or hire someone that does, because we've done all the work for you. Simply download our plugin, upload it to your WordPress site, and instantly have an app for both Android and iOS.

Free Push Notifications

Normally, you would need to register to a 3rd party and pay them for each push notification you send out. We thought that was silly so we decided to code our plugin in a way that allows you to send an unlimited amount of push notifications for free.

No App Store

Our WordPress plugin allows you to bypass any app store and get users to download YOUR app directly from your site.

Automatic Updates

There's no need for you to go into your dashboard and manually update your plugin. We handle all the heavy lifting and technical things when it comes to updating your app!


It doesn't matter what language your speak, or what language your WordPress website is in, our plugin is multilingual and supports every language out there.

Offline Mode

We have an offline mode to be sure the people who download your app will be able to view your site. They might not have an internet connection but they'll still be able to browse your pages with your handy app on their mobile device!

Add to Homescreen

You can customize your ``Add to Homescreen`` button in a few clicks and make sure it matches your current design and theme of your WordPress site. No coding required.

Toast Messages

These are small popups with snippets of information to help people perform an action on your website. Think of it as a helpful reminder to anyone that might be getting stuck on your website because they don't know what to do next. Toast messages are there to help!

Staying Connected

Reach out to your users whenever you want

  • An app brings people back more often
  • With Free push notifications you can remind them about your website
  • Your app will be lightweight and easy for anyone to use
  • Your app will work on both Android and iOS devices
  • Did we mention our Plugin was Free to use? (we did)
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Agile, Fast, and Dependable

Works with Any WordPress Theme

We've built our plugin in a way that it will work with any WordPress theme, free or premium, that you might be using. Simply download our plugin, upload it to your dashboard, and customize the colors to make it a perfect fit for your company.

  • Customize your app in a few clicks so it matches your color scheme perfectly.
  • It doesn't matter what theme you're using our plugin will work with it.
  • Your app will rival your competitors who spent thousands on their app designs.

Register, Customize, and Connect

After you register and customize your plugin, you will be able to send free push notifications and re-connect with everyone that downloaded your app.

Register In 30 Seconds
Register In 30 Seconds
It takes less than a minute to register on our website and get access to a Free WordPress Plugin that can generate an app for all your visitors.
Real Time Customization
Real Time Customization
Every edit you make to your plugin and app will show immediately. Remember, you don't need any prior coding knowledge to make your app look amazing.
Multi-language Support
Multi-language Support
It doesn't matter what language you speak or what your WordPress site is in, our app is multilingual and will adjust to every site.
Rapid Customer Support
Rapid Customer Support
We pride ourselves on quick customer support. If we don't respond right away, we will get back to you asap, and we will always make sure your problem is solved.

Faster, Stronger, and Helps Convert

Our Plugin will generate your app in a way that it's faster due to the elegance of the code, stronger due to the structure, and your app will help bring people back to your website easier than any marketing technique out there.


Faster Than Most Apps


More Secure


Visitor Return Rate

100k+ Members Love WP2APP

Our members tend to love us so much that they recommend our plugin to anyone using WordPress.

I was like most of the new website owners thinking I needed to hire big-time companies to develop my app. I'm extremely happy that I've found WP2APP because now I spend more money on advertising instead of app development.


When I was about to give up on an App option for my users, I stumbled across WordPress 2 App and haven't turned back. I now use them for every WordPress site I put up, I use their services for client sites, and I recommend them to anyone I come across who uses WordPress.

Jimmy Reaves

All I can say is YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I can't code and can't do much when it comes to editing, so your plugin makes my life so much easier lol. I love you guys!

Jessica K.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the questions we get asked each day so we decided to put them out front in case you were wondering the same things.

Sort of? We offer a free plugin that doesn’t have a time limit on it’s membership, so I guess that’s a never ending free trial?

Well, there’s no need to do an update because we have those automatically pushed out once we test any new feature. All you need to do is upload our plugin and work on the rest of your website. We will do all the udpates for you!

Sure Can! If you think about email marketing, and how it’s the best way to bring people back to your website, you’ll start to see how an app can do the same thing. Your users opt-in to push notifications from your app, you send a push notification, and your users come back to your website. This is very similar to email marketing but you’re using an App to bring people back!

As of right now, Yes. Our plugin will only work with a WordPress powered website/blog but we do have plans to roll our additional features that can help everyone, no matter what platform they’re using to power their website.

Nope! There’s no catch to this at all! You get to send as many push notifications as you want. All you do is type out your short message, link an image to be shown as the notification on your users phone, and link to a page you want them to go to. That’s it!

Of course! We do not limit you on how many websites you can use our plugin on. Just be sure that you customize your apps for each website/blog so your users don’t get confused after downloading your app.  You wouldn’t want them to see a logo from your main site when they downloaded an app from your secondary site 🙂

You don’t need to worry about that at all. All you need to do is download our plugin, upload it to your website, and it will generate an app that works on both iOS and Android.

All you need to do is go to our DOWNLOAD page and get our plugin. You can then go to your website, go to your plugins section, click “Add New”, then upload our plugin and take a few minutes to customize the color scheme and look of your app.

Or click HERE to get started!

No need for an App Marketplace

Since our app is coded in a way that is lightweight and fast, you can have your users download it directly from your website/blog and that means there's no need for any sort of App Marketplace.

- Saves Time
- No Listing Fees
- Boosts Downloads
- Saves Space on Your Users Phones

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